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Basic Tips

There’s a lot you can do to maximize the life of your car: Keep your tires inflated at the correct pressure. Under inflation causes tire wear and wastes fuel. Don’t carry unneeded weight in your vehicle. Excess weight puts a heavier load on the engine, causing greater fuel consumption. Accelerate slowly and smoothly. Avoid jackrabbit

Fuel Saving Tips

What’s good for the environment is good for your wallet as well. After starting the engine, it is best to drive off immediately. Idling causes pollution and excessive fuel consumption. Depress the accelerator gently to drive away and change to a higher gear in time. Do not approach traffic lights at full speed. If it

Technical FAQs

Can any oil be used for any vehicle?No. The type of oil is specified based on the design of the vehicle and it is normally given in the OEM guidelines (OEM) .   Can the Engine oil of different brands be inter-mixed?Engine oils of the same performance level / specifications are compatible and hence can

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